Adult Faith Formation Ministry

Adult Faith Formation is a catechetical ministry specifically designed for adults using adult learning principles. It offers opportunities for adults to continue their faith development and enrich their faith journey through shared witnessing and discussions. It supports an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated lifelong desire to grow in our faith and to better understand the teachings of our Church. Many people have traveled together for a number of years through their regular attendance of the opportunities offered over the past 6 years. Some people choose only to attend one or two years but all adults are welcomed as fellow travellers.

The opportunities are usually offered in two ways. The first being a series of evening sessions through the fall and winter months looking at a specific topic of our faith. A book is used as a guide and there is a trained facilitator who introduces the themes of the book and promotes discussion through question and reflections. The books used over the past 6 years include teachings of the Catholic Church, specific books of scripture and writings of the Pope. Various forms of Catholic spirituality, iconography and lives of the Saints are often blended into the sessions. The second approach uses short evening or afternoon sessions on a specific topic of faith such as the biblical basis of the Mass, living the Rosary, devotions for today or Christian stewardship. These sessions are held irregularly throughout the year.

Please contact Phil Jennings via the Parish office at (250) 746-6831 for information on Adult Faith Formation.



RCIA: Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults

This program is developed for people who wish to become Catholic, and perhaps someone who is a baptized Catholic but has not received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, or a Catholic who has ‘walked away’ from their faith and wishes to return. This process enables all of this to occur in a comfortable way. We grow spiritually and learn more about all of the Sacraments as we journey together in faith. Our sessions take place on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm in the parish library from the beginning of October to mid- May.

2015-16 RCIA Sessions will begin October 15, 2015 . For more information Please contact the Parish office or Fr. Luyen at 250-746-6831.



 Youth Ministry

The fellowship and cooperative games help the Youth feel comfortable in each other’s company, giving them the comfort and freedom to participate in the discussion portion of the evening. Each lesson is designed to deepen the understanding of God’s message and how it can be applied in, and enrich our everyday lives, demystifying the roots of Catholicism and showing the students the benefits to themselves and their community of walking Christ’s path.

Retreats provide an opportunity for the participants to delve deeper into issues of faith and spirituality that require time and undistracted focus. The retreats will be encouraged and made possible for most families by fundraising. The fundraising will also give the Youth a chance to work together for a common goal, as does community service. The community service aspect of our events gives everyone the opportunity to work towards a selfless goal of helping the community as a whole, and helps shift a young person’s focus and awareness off themselves and helps to bring out the altruism in everyone.

The regular meetings will take place after 5:00pm Mass on Saturday nights from 6:30 to 8:30.

Please contact Camille and Mike Nunn via the Parish office at (250) 746-6831 for information on Youth Ministry.




Arts and Environment Ministry

At St. Edward’s this Ministry contributes to the visual experience of the liturgy by decorating the Worship Area throughout the liturgical year.

Parishioner can participate in: 

  • Flower arranging;
  • Decorating for Easter, Christmas and other Feast Days;
  • Care of sacred vessels, candle holders, etc.;
  • Sewing various articles such as banners; purificators, chausables, altar cloths etc.;
  • Laundering items used in the liturgy such as altar cloths, purificators, linens, albs etc.

If you enjoy decorating and or working with flowers, helpers are welcome and needed. Please call the parish office if you would like to be put on our list.


Altar Servers

Please contact Anna Kinsella via the Parish office for information on becoming an Altar Server.


Pastoral Care Outreach Ministry 

Our group is committed to care for and be supportive of the sick, elderly, homebound and bereaved. We meet the spiritual needs of our Church Community by visiting, bringing communion, participating in worship services and offering support to caregivers and those who are mourning or lonely.

To access this ministry, please contact Marilyn Klizs through the Parish Office.


Music Ministry

"When we turn to God, there is always something ineffable and unsaid left over. Then music can help out. In rejoicing, language becomes song - that is why the angels sing. Music in a worship service should make prayer more beautiful and more fervent, move more deeply the hearts of all in attendance and bring them closer to God, and prepare for God a feast of melody." (YOUCAT 183)

St. Edwards is fortunate enough to have two music groups, each with their own style:

  • Saturday Mass music group (5:00 pm) is accompanied with guitars, bass guitar, piano, flute and percussion.
  • Sunday Mass music choir (10:00 am) is accompanied with organ or piano.

If you are in the congregation, you are part of the choir, so sing out to praise our Lord!

If you play an instrument (even if it's not one mentioned above) and especially if you have the talent and ability to lead a new group, please contact us!


Children's Liturgy

Teaching the Word of God in a manner that the children can understand is a very important task in our faith.




Extra Ordinary Ministers to Holy Communion

Click here pdf to download the current handbook for Extra Ordinary Ministers to Holy Communion.